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Two Piece Set. Cozy and Fashion Forward...

Happy Wednesday to you all!! The week is almost over and I hope you are having a great day. Did anyone start Christmas/Holiday shopping yet? I am half way, which is a surprise. With that said, I have a few items I want you to take a look at and get you ready for the colder days ahead, with style. In addition, I want to share that I have affiliated with SHEIN Brand!! I am super excited because they have beautiful clothing, amazing prices, fabulous sales all the time and super trendy styles, furthermore, I am very pleased with the quality of the clothing thus far. The shipping is usually 7-10 business days for free shipping and returns; and I know we want to receive our items purchased like yesterday, yiep, but is worth the wait and is free. I am sure you can pay additional for expedited shipping.

Enjoy the shopping!!!



The two piece I am wearing from SHEIN, I purchased a few weeks back, not only did I receive so many compliments but I felt amazing wearing it. HERE is another color option for the same style. It is super comfortable, cozy and very flattering. Its fashion forward because of the color and the distressed look, which is currently very popular. Just add your own style and sparkle to it, and voila!

I also love that it can be worn separately; With the sweater you can wear skinny jeans, but don't forget that you can wear the Fedora Hat which is also from SHEIN, LINK HERE., (a great compliment to the outfit) and for the skirt , a bodysuit and a blazer, you can take it to the office. I hope that if you get this set, you love it as much I do and feel warm and fabulous at the same time.

Shop some of my faveeee two piece sets below and check out the site for a bunch of awesome clothes, shoes and accessories


Click on each image for a direct link

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