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Wedding Ready!!

Yes!! I have a new blog post! I have missed writing for you my loves! It's been a while since I wrote my last one mi gente, but it's been a crazy journey since; as some of you may know, I am now the Warbrobe Stylist for Univision, in the New York Market, UnivisionNY and I am beyond grateful, excited and with a very hectic schedule. However, I will be making time to write, especially because YOU, my pepa lovies have requested it and I truly enjoy writing for you. And well well well, one of your requests is about `Weddings` - What to wear to a wedding- is a question I get asked very often and here you have my top op and some points that should be taken into consideration, because, yes there are protocols and rules to follow.....

With Summer here and the warm weather, it is invitations galore and weddings are one of the most popular invites this time of year. The minute -that- invitation arrives, the immediate thought of what to wear is automatic and for some its a bit complicated. To start a clear search the first thing to do is open the card and find out the dress code requirements. If nothing is specified on the card (which is rare) then it is safe to assume that it is "Cocktail Attire", in which case it means you get to dress up, no gowns are necessary and you have lots of options...

Let's talk codes:

White Tie and Black Tie are the most formal of all the dress codes; the white tie being the most formal. There is no way out of this one, and out of respect

to the request the protocol we should always follow protocol. Always think: Put yourselves in the other person's shoes. Yes! Sooo those two are the most formal of all the dress codes; the white tie being the most formal. (Gentlemen must wear a tux with tail and ladies floor length gowns).

Black Tie: Is the next formal code, however, is less formal than White Tie. Floor length dresses or a dressy cocktail dress is also acceptable.

Formal: The formal code is slightly less formal than black tie, however, it is still formal enough; no denim or shorts should be worn to a formal affair.


With semi - formal or a more of a dressier casual attire, cocktail dresses and a sports jacket with a tie will meet the guidelines. Although the little black dress is always a favorite, darker colors and more formal colors like navy blue, are a go to for evening affairs, and brighter more fun colors for day time, in addition, the type of fabric should be taken into consideration for your own comfort.

Destination or Tropical Weddings: In this case sometimes there are still requirements for a formal code, in which case floor length gowns might be required but a floral dress in a light fabric is acceptable; fun prints flowey dresses are a great selection and for men, guayaveras are acceptable for which you can add a bow tie if you want to add a chic touch to the shirt. I see this trend very often for destination weddings.

Now let's not forget to mention very important points about WHAT NOT WEAR TO A WEDDING, because truth be told, there are rules that should be followed and sometimes we tend to forget, such as:

- BIG NO NO - : Wearing WHITE! The bride and only the bride should wear white, unless indicated. This is nothing new mis amores but some seem to forget this. No no no.... that also applies to ivory and I say to any color similar or close or casi casi to white.

- There should be a level of sexiness when attending a wedding; yes, it is a party and let's have a good time but we are not going to a club; please let's be mindful of others and what is appropriate. If you are questioning if its appropriate then most likely it isn't.

-Wearing the bridal party colors is another consideration one must have, unless you absolutely have no idea what the theme color is, and maybe you should ak to be on the safe side.

Click on the description below for a direct link to each of the outfits below


Keep in mind my fashionistas that when it comes to destination weddings, the weather in the tropics can be humid and very hot, therefore, choosing the right fabric such as Chiffon, which is breathable, it has movement, also tulle, and sheer fabrics as well as organza which is a lightweight fabric. A helpful tip is having cutouts, a high/low piece, slits, keyholes, because these will keep you cool; two piece outfits of skirt and top can be very helpful and permit for ventilation. For the guys, linen, cotton, rayon, all are breathable fabrics and rayon also drys quickly. Perfect for tropical weather. Comfort is key and you can be comfy and look amazing at the same time.

And here are some styles I 've worn

to weddings and special events in the past. Comment below to let me know which you like.

Thank you for reading

Love always Pepa XoXo

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