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Mission Ceviche at the Gansevoort Market

It was a beautiful evening in the city, last Wednesday, when my husband and I headed to the Meatpacking District to meet another couple with whom we've been friends with for a while. They looooove food and are experts at finding great places to eat with very appetizing menus. This time they chose Mission Ceviche, a Peruvian cuisine. We did not hesitate, since my husband is Peruvian and also loves to eat; I was taken by surprise when I walked in and saw several large, brown trees with interlocking branches throughout the space! Yes, nature at its best. Its amazing how many beautiful and enticing places are all over New York, and we don't even know they exist, like the Gansevoort Market. ''The Market personifies old New York – offering a curated selection of locally produced goods and fare. The industrial inspired architecture brings together the history of the market while creating a modern communal space to eat, entertain and relax'' (from their website). Mission Ceviche, which is inside the Gansevoort Market, is set up in a food bar format just like all the other eateries in the space, which makes it more of a casual outing. We were welcomed by a super sweet gal who explained the menu and offered outstanding service. Alongside her, was another employee, also very nice and the owner, who was working as hard as his employees. Something I tremendously admire. The food was superb, a mix of traditional and modern Peruvian food, which is now a huge trend. We had the Aji de Gallina, Leche de Tigre and the Ceviche --go try all of these tasty dishes from their "wow to die for" menu, as well as other yummy ones.

The food is displayed so that the customer is able to see everything that's being offered and how they prep the toppings that go along with the main dishes. The price point is very affordable. Our bill was around $115 for four people, and trust me, we ate...ohhh we ate a lot!! To say that my mouth waters as I write is an understatement. They also offer samples of anything you didn't get to eat -- what a great treat! We will definitely be back and will recruit our friends and family for this fabulous culinary experience, right here, in our beautiful New York City!

Its like having find dining in a casual setting. We totally loved the concept. (Mission Ceviche Photos) Ceviche.

The picture above is a delish Aji de Gallina, which is shredded chicken breast, yellow chili pepper cream, parmesan cheese and botija aioli.

Leche de Tigre: Is a citrus based marinade that cures seafood in a ceviche. It contains lime juice, onions, pepper, salt and fish juices, complimented with (cancha) or toasted corn nuts.

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Thank you for reading and go have some good Peruvian food!

XOXO Pepa G.

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