Search your closet!!! Transitioning from Summer to Fall and not breaking the bank....

Hello everyone, and welcome to my site!!! I am extremely excited and grateful to have you here reading my post.

Fall season is here and when the new seasons come along, so does the question of "do I buy something new" and "how do I use what's already in my closet"???. Do you find yourself asking those same questions every season??? Well well, we usually have pieces in our closet that can be mixed and matched that you may not be aware of, therefore, not being able to see what we have which can be worn in many different ways. This new combo can make it a perfect outfit for the new season. Something as simple as a white collar shirt and a sleeveless peplum top, bustier or crop top can be great transition pieces. Wearing the bustier over the white collar shirt, as I did here, made it more appropriate for business attire. Incorporating various colors based on what you already have can simplify the process of putting together "the look".

If you want to be more casual, instead of the skirt, just add a pair of funky jeans and booties... Just let the creativity flow!!!

Click on the description below for links to each piece

Jcrew white collar shirt / Amazon Peplum Top / Zara Checkered Sling Back Shoes

Jcrew Green Pencil Skirt / Asos Bustier Peplum Top / HM Flower Shaped Earrings

Please feel free to share this post with friends and look out for my next blog about "that one " versatile top that will turn into two different outfits!

Voila, with love, Pepa G.

                  New York, NY

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