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Imagen de impacto, How important is your image?

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Hello, hello, hellooo! Happy Thursday! Almost ending the third week into the New Year and I am curious to know what your aspirations or resolutions are for the time ahead. Do you create a vision board? Give yourself a deadline? Or perhaps follow certain criteria to achieve your goals? As the year starts, the urge to envision a brighter future is at the tip of our fingers. Whether we want to change habits, getting fit or desiring personal/professional growth, we make it a point to have these goals in perspective. But, are we aware of how important our image is, when it comes to pursuing our objectives professionally or in our personal lives? Sometimes the way we dress can have a tremendous impact in our mood but also others' perceptions about who we are. In many instances, some people care and some don't; not concerned about what others might think.

Image Matters

I believe that when attending a job interview, pursuing a business opportunity, perhaps, meetings to request a loan for a small business, even going on a date, looking your BEST can have an impact on the outcome of those meetings. Statistics indicate that purchases are often made based on feelings and associations which we see a lot; especially with the influence of social media. Re-inventing our persona is extremely important but also our surroundings affect how we feel. Therefore, things like organizing our home, moving things around, or cleaning our closets can help. It's kind of like a cleanse LOL. With that in mind, I have a few tips for you that can assist with the re-arranging process because I am a believer that your environment influences the way you feel, your moods and how a situation gets approached. I have also created a capsule of fashion staples that can revamp your wardrobe in the New Year! Let me know your thoughts!!!

Wardrobe Cleanse Tips:

*Pieces that no longer fit, remove from the closet. If you haven’t worn it in years, most likely you won’t wear them again

*Items that need to be fixed but might cost too much to do it. You are better off purchasing something new.

*Remove items that don’t fit your current lifestyle, for example, if you worked in a corporate environment and now have a different career path. Your work attire requirements are probably different, you may store what you no longer wear in case your status changes; no need to get rid of things, yet, but don't keep it in your closet.

*No need to have several of the same items! Less is more, depending on the situation.

*If it has a rip, or two, that means is time to say goodbye. Store your out of season items, if you don’t have much space, purchase clear boxes you can put under the bed, or top shelves in your closet; donate, donate, donate.

As long as the clothes are in good condition and you have not worn them for a while (6 months to 1 year) which means you are not going to wear them, please donate them. There are several places you can donate to. Search online for locations in your town/nearby areas.

Please take a look below at the capsule I've set up. I hope that is helpful when trying to figure out what items you should have in your closet;appropriate links are included for each piece.

Thank you for reading and I wish that you are able to meet your goals for 2018!!


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